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Gift Certificates Available
(based on size and coat type)

$30 and up

Bath & nail trim


(based on size, coat type and style of haircut)

Mini $45 and up 

Bath & nail trim plus paw trim, eye trim and sanitary trim

Mini Plus $50 and up

Bath & nail trim plus paw trim, face trim, sanitary trim and shape up trim


Standard $60 and up

Bath & nail trim plus full haircut

*Demat fee not included - $5 per 5 min ($5 minimum)


(based on temperment)

Nail Trim $15


Call for pricing

includes nail trim


Call for pricing

Nail trim & full haircut

Bath & Groom 

Call for pricing

*Demat fee not included - $5 per 5 min ($5 minimum)

A la Carte Services

Dog Nail trim $15 and up (dependent on size & temperment)

Dog Nail grind $5 added to base nail trim

Teeth Brushing $10 ($5 with bath or groom)

Anal Gland Expression $10 ($5 with bath or groom)

Ear pluck $10 ($5 with groom)

Medicated Ear cleaning $10 ($5 with bath or groom)

Brush Out/Undercoat Removal $15 per 15 minutes (minimum $5)

Shell out $10

Shave underside from armpits to sanitary area

Sanitary trim $5 - $10

Eye trim $5

Trim around and between eyes

Face trim $10

Trim on and around muzzle and eyes

Paw trim $10

Trim around paws and pads

Pad trim $5

Trim around pads only

Specialty Shampoo 

Small/Medium Dog or Cat $5 (added to bath)

Large/XLarge Dog $10 (added to bath)

Citru-Mela Plus

Pesticide free flea shampoo with citrus, kiwi & melaleuca oils

Colloidal Oatmeal

Soothing oatmeal helps relieve itching and sooth dry skin


Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Antibacterial and Antiseptic

Hemp Oil

Calming hemp oil shampoo

Lavish Blueberry

Tearless facial cleanser

Hypo "Aloe" Genic

Gentle herbal shampoo for sensitive skin


Additional charges may apply for excessive groom time due to behavior, lack of cooperation or reduced mobility issues.

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